Entertainment While Waiting

We also have a waiting room where you an wait while your car is getting tinted and we do have a wireless internet. So you can have internet on your computer or an wireless device. We also have a TV where you can watch movies and entertain yourself. If you would like to drop off your car and not have to wait for it we can also do that too we'll just call you as soon as your car is done.

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How Long It Takes To Tint A Car?

For a front visor strip takes around 30 minutes. Front windows take to 30 minutes to one hour. Back half takes around an hour in a half to two hours. If its all the way around with the front two windows driver and passenger it will take ar4ound 2 hours to two in half hours. To remove your old film off your car you will have to come and drop it off with us it may take a half a day or a whole day.

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Cali Tint  is the honest window tinting company in Sacramento Ca, we provide quality work and back it up with lifetime warranty. So you have nothing to worry about. When you come to us we let you enjoy our waiting area witch is filled with entertainment while we take care of you car. Outcome is simple, We're glad and you're happy.

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  • 15 Years In Business
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  • Lifetime Warranty

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